The Autumn Sighs
deferred hope still means pain

EP´s/ Album/ Sampler:

4. bark

release date 25.october 2022

3. green

After the ep "branches" of 2016, we started recording 5 songs for our following ep. Meanwhile Andi from DreamsNeverEndRecords asked if we'd like to make a 7",with him after he brought out his first 7" with beloved "secret shine". So we stopped our own project and stepped right into this. Finally we all got so enthusiastic that we changed from 7" to 12"
...We recorded 4 songs at our rehearsal-room in an old "Air Raid Shelter".
Florian Malicke added bass and polished the recordings magically with his mixing and mastering at "Hard-boiled Wonderland". So here it is: the 12" called "green".... go and load it down, now!....OR: TO REALLY ENJOY: get it on VINYL+DOWNLOAD at "Dreams Never End" on Bandcamp...

2. branches

"The EP opens up with ‘The Autumn Sighs’, a beautifully constructed slice of dreamy shoegaze. Glorious frequencies greet the listener as the guitars jangle and sway, held firmly within the metronomic swing of the hypnotic drum pattern. The vocals float in on a wave of beautifully enticing reverb, swirling blissfuly in unison with the instrumentation until the chorus progressions explode into a maelstrom of beautiful frequential noise. As opening tracks go, this is monumental. Up next, ‘Thirsty’ takes its foot off of the noisy reverb pedal as a melodious vocal line meanders and undulates gracefully, intertwined with a brilliantly constructed guitar progression and another impressive drum pattern. The track builds as it shifts through it’s sonic gears and finishes with a flurry of golden hued sounds.
Track three, ‘Tonight’ initially confuses me. At first, it leans into indie pop territory as its opening chord progressions coupled with another blissful vocal line unfurls. That notion however is quickly shattered as the track unleashes a whirlwind of soaring reverb induced guitar squall coupled with driving instrumentation and an explosive percussive attack to bring what is now my favourite track on this entire release. What tweaks my attention about the ‘The Autumn Sighs’ is that they have the ability to surprise their listeners as each track works through its progressions. Something that is unfortunately lacking in most modern shoegaze bands these days.
The EP’s penultimate track entitled ‘Flat’, woozily enters earshot on a tremulous guitar line, throbbing bass frequencies and an accompanying percussive pattern. Its dreamy vocal lines enter the fray and instantaneously lifts the entire track to new heights allowing it to glide and arc all over the soundscape thus bringing a serine calmness to proceedings until its finale. The EP’s closing piece entitled ‘Sway’ gently flows as its crawling instrumentation acts a s bedrock for another impressive vocal performance. Its chorus parts build momentum on waves on glorious reverberation coupled with ethereal vocal lines and steadying percussion. Bass frequencies throb as the track meanders along its chosen predesigned course culminating on swirling fuzzy drone. A beautiful & fitting ending to a marvellously executed EP. Recommended listening!" Del Chaney (primal music)

1. sprig ep

All songs written and performed by The Autumn Sighs * booklet by U&K *
recorded at eigenart music * Bass in piece of art, sway and thread by Alexander Lauer, drums by Eckhard Jung, mixed and mastered in Seattle by TJ, all rights reserve © 2012*.


Lush "when I die"

It's a song we covered for a project from "theblogthatcelebratesitself" called "Lovelife, a homage to Lush" we recommend to listen to all of the songs of the project on:
For love.....
Magic, beauty, inspiration, seduction are adjectives that since I first heard De-Luxe in the distant year of 1990 comes to my mind when I listen to one of those bands that live in the heart, Lush.
Many memories, many images, scenes of a lifetime had as soundtrack, "Thoughtforms", "Sweetness and Light", Sunbathing", "Breeze", "Scarlet", "Monochrome", "Desire Lines" ... the list could go on and on ....
I've never had the pleasure of seeing them live, but a dream can always happen anytime, just believe !! And that's how I feel when I hear the magic of Lush's music, a world of dreams.
I would like to thank all the marvel bands that are part of this project, as well as Miki, Emma, Phil and the eternal Chris.
This tribute is specially dedicated to Pablo Farías, an Argentine friend, eternal shoegaze lover who now lives in the stars.
With love and respect,
Renato Malizia

"For the love of Chris Tessler"

51 Bands, from all around the world, have joined their hearts & music together, to pay tribute to one of the most passionate music enthusiasts that the shoegaze community has ever known. This compilation, affectionately titled “For The Love of Chris Tressler”, is dedicated to the memory of this amazing man.

Pale Horizons

PALE HORIZONS compiles 10 songs from artists which are connected with Reptile Music in one way or the other. Many of the tracks are taken from releases that have been distributed and/or promoted over the course of time.

TBTCI VA - Colors Compilations - Red "Shoegaze"